Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Article in the NYT

I thought I'd give people a heads up on a rare quality article in the New York Times (Wanted: Worldly Philosophers). It is written by two economists talking about the parochial vision of modern economists and advocates a "worldly" philosophical approach to economics much like the early economists who were also moral philosophers such as Smith, Mill, Marx, and Keynes. The article forgot to mention modern philosophers and economists that take a more comparative/holistic approach to economics and asks foundational economic problems associated with justice such as Rawles and Sen. It's nice to see two economists admit the limitations of their current field and give credit where it's due to philosophy.


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  2. I've often wondered, "what in the world was the true place for the philosopher in society?" Academia has produced philosophers for centuries and only a few are even heard from. I guess most of them are held up in the ivory tower working on logic problems, or like the example of the dentist are too busy in fine detail that they are no longer able to think in the terms of the grand scheme of things.